What is rattan garden furniture?

Rattan furniture is made from rattan vines that are woven together to create outdoor furniture, which is commonly used in the summer months. Rattan can be natural or synthetic.

What is rattan garden furniture?

Rattan furniture is made from rattan vines that are woven together to create outdoor furniture, which is commonly used in the summer months. Rattan can be natural or synthetic. The best rattan garden furniture to transform your outdoor space; from affordable rattan corner sofas to stylish rattan dining sets and bistro seating. Are you looking for the best rattan garden furniture for your garden? This timeless style of outdoor furniture is a patio favourite for a reason, offering a summery aesthetic and, thanks to the many modern poly rattan options, makes it a durable, weatherproof and practical addition to any outdoor space.

The popularity of rattan as a material for furniture, both indoors and outdoors, is well known. It is capable of bending and shaping, adopting many wonderful curved shapes. Its natural look and the light colour will instantly brighten up a room or outdoor environment, giving any space a cosy and coastal feel. Its popularity as a material for both outdoor and indoor furniture is unmistakable.

Capable of bending and curving, the rattan adopts many wonderful curved shapes. Its light gold colour illuminates a room or outdoor environment and instantly conveys the feeling of a tropical paradise. Rattan is a fibrous vine that is woven to make furniture. The defining difference between the two is that rattan is a material, while wicker is a style of weaving.

For example, there are many options for garden furniture that use a rattan wicker weave. That simply means that the physical material of which the furniture is composed is rattan and the weaving style is wicker. Due to the construction techniques used for rattan furniture, there are many areas where dust can accumulate. But, if your heart is set on the timeless appeal of rattan, keep on scrolling to discover the Real Homes edition of the best rattan garden sets to buy right now.

Whatever your choice, you can extend its lifespan by storing it in a garden shed when not in use or out of season. This super generous rattan corner sofa is made for relaxing lounging outdoors, with spacious seating for five and an extra padded stool for an extra guest, or used as a footrest. Its versatility makes rattan the perfect material for use in a lampshade and is ideal for any home decor, from a minimalist look to a more bohemian and rustic ambience. You can buy rattan furniture and hope that your children's children can enjoy it in their own homes.

This affordable synthetic rattan dining table and four chairs are the perfect choices for enjoying a summer barbecue, plus you can buy additional matching bamboo garden chairs if you want to host more guests. You can find a lot of information about the care and even repair of your garden furniture, as well as guides that will help you decide what to buy. The shower-proof cushions have removable cushion covers for easy washing, and the rust-resistant faux rattan and aluminium frame means this set is sturdy enough to withstand the elements all year round. A waterproof cover for outdoor furniture will help protect steel rattan furniture from the worst elements, although it is difficult to prevent moisture from penetrating over time, so expect steel-framed options to have a shorter service life in general.

Compared to wood, rattan garden furniture offers you a wide variety of options, including rattan sofa sets, sun loungers, corner sofa sets and dining sets. On the other hand, wicker is not a tangible raw material, but the end result of a traditional method used to produce products from willow, straw, bamboo and, in some cases, rattan core. And according to us, at least, it looks much better than garden furniture made of synthetic materials that try to imitate it. The outer bark of rattan is used for whipping, while its cane-shaped inner section is used for weaving wicker furniture.

The terms “rattan” and “wicker” are often confused because they tend to be used interchangeably. 

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